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Code of Practice

The Factory

I, the factory, in agreeing to make the designer’s orders, will ensure that:

  • All technical issues arising that affect make, delivery date, sizing, price or quantity will be communicated in writing to you as soon as we become aware of them.

  • We may be required to alter a pattern on your behalf and will only do so with your agreement and once any extra charges have been agreed in writing.

  • All deliveries of fabric and components received directly from suppliers on your behalf will be recorded on the docket. The delivery note will be faxed or emailed to you the same day as it is received.

  • Shortages and damages to fabric and components will be notified to you, in writing, on the same day that they become apparent.

  • We will agree a delivery date for every docket and communicate any changes to you before cutting and at least one week prior to delivery.

  • The docket will only be accepted by us when we have agreed the delivery date and price.

  • We will invoice for the goods at the price agreed on the docket and will expect payment within the agreed payment terms.

  • Any extra costs, not previously agreed, will be notified to you in writing and production will only continue upon your written agreement.

  • We will preserve the confidentiality and intellectual property of your designs by not using your patterns without agreement or showing your designs to third parties.

  • All fabric and trimmings remain your property. Any un-used fabrics and trimmings will be returned to you in their entirety.

  • Upon notification of a quality problem we will rectify the goods at the earliest possible opportunity. This will be at no charge if it is our fault.

  • If the problem is caused by a third party we will notify, in writing, the cost of any remedial work required prior to it being carried out.


The Fashion Alliance (Centre for Fashion Enterprise; British Fashion Council; Skillset & UKFT) has developed a recommended Code of Practice. This provides a two-way assurance between the designer and production unit. This will assist both in adhering to a professional set of standards. Atelier Kitoko adheres to this Code.


The designer

I, the designer, in the process of placing production orders with you, the factory, will ensure that:

  • All technical requirements will be notified to you at, or before, the time of issuing the docket. These requirements include: order details, special making requirements, trimmings required, specification sheets and measurement charts.

  • Fabric and trimmings will be supplied for this
    docket in good time for satisfactory completion
    by the due date. Any delays to components will be communicated to you by email at the earliest possible opportunity.

  • We will provide you with a pattern for the docket, on which we
    expect the garments to be based. If the pattern requires alteration
    prior to production we will rectify it in good time for your cutting date.
    If the pattern has to be altered by you it must be with our agreement and we understand there may be a negotiated charge for this.

  • We will pay the invoice for the docket within the agreed payment terms. Anything affecting our ability to pay will be communicated by email as soon as it is known.

  • We will take delivery of the finished garments on the agreed date unless a change has previously been agreed in writing.

  • The fabric and trimmings on the docket remain the property of the designer at all times.

  • All changes to orders, dockets, dates, prices, quantities etc. will be communicated in writing to you at the earliest opportunity but no later than three working days prior to cutting.

  • Any remedial work required will be notified in writing to you (the factory). You will be given first opportunity to rectify the problem, at your own expense, before costs are incurred with other contractors.

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